TSU-M ICE CHILLER® Thermal Storage Unit

TSU-M ICE CHILLER® Thermal Storage Unit

The TSU-M ICE CHILLER® Thermal Storage Unit reduces energy costs by storing cooling while shifting energy usage to off-peak hours. The internal melt process has an easy-to-design closed loop making it ideal for a variety of HVAC applications. Some examples include office buildings, district cooling for urban settings, schools, hospitals, sports arenas, convention centers, and more.

  • Thermal Capacity: 90 - 125,000 ton hours
  • HVAC Applications


District Cooling with Ice Thermal Storage

See how BAC's ice thermal storage has transformed the ENWAVE Chicago Cooling System. District cooling is energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly

BAC Leads the World in Heat Transfer Solutions

Discover BAC’s ongoing innovations in using the power of water to save energy in this segment of Inside the Blueprint that aired on Fox Business.


  • Energy
  • Installation
  • Sustainability

Reduced Energy Usage

  • Reduce electrical cost for the system by 50% or more by shifting usage to off-peak hours since most electrical rates include demand charges during peak demand times 
  • Save on peak energy and reduce the total system cost with colder melt-out temperatures compared to competitors that use plastic vs. the TSU’s galvanized steel coils

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