Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

Closed circuit cooling towers, also known as evaporative fluid coolers, keep the system clean and contaminant-free in a closed loop. This creates two separate fluid circuits: (1) an external circuit, in which spray water circulates over the coil and mixes with the outside air, and (2) an internal circuit, in which the process fluid to be cooled circulates inside the coil.  During operation, heat is transferred from the warm fluid in the coil to the spray water, and then to the atmosphere as a portion of the water evaporates. In addition to chiller applications and industrial process cooling, closed circuit cooling towers are often used with heat pump systems, where closed loop cooling is required.

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FXV Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Minimize your system energy, maintenance, and installation costs with the FXV Closed Circuit Cooling Tower, the industry standard for closed-loop systems.

  • Thermal Capacity: 29 - 424 tons1
  • Flow Rate: Up to 3,600 USGPM1
  • Combined Crossflow // Axial Fan // Induced Draft


FXV3 Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

The FXV3 Closed Circuit Cooling Tower is perfect for applications to maximize system efficiency and space savings for large projects. The FXV3 has the largest capacity in a single cell of any closed-loop system and provides the added value of reduced operating costs, improved reliability, and a cost-effective solution to both the owner and the installing contractor for large projects.

  • Thermal Capacity: 278 - 765 tons1
  • Flow Rate: Up to 7,110 USGPM1
  • Combined Crossflow // Axial Fan // Induced Draft

PFi Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

The highly efficient PFi Closed Circuit Cooling Tower is an ideal replacement unit that delivers a higher system efficiency than conventional counterflow solutions and has the lowest total cost of ownership. The patented OptiCoil™ System increases thermal capacity by up to 30% compared to conventional counterflow fluid cooler equipment.

  • Thermal Capacity: 18 - 360 tons1
  • Flow Rate: Up to 5,709 USGPM1
  • Counterflow // Axial Fan // Induced Draft


Series V Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

The Series V Closed Circuit Cooling Tower is an ideal like-for-like replacement unit for many existing applications, offering the lowest replacement cost with no structural, electrical or piping modifications. Its high static and low sound capabilities makes it a great fit for indoor applications, ducted, and sound sensitive needs.

  • Thermal Capacity: 3.9 - 614 tons1
  • Flow Rate: Up to 4,470 USGPM1
  • Counterflow // Centrifugal Fan // Forced Draft


Nexus® Modular Hybrid Cooler

The revolutionary NexusⓇ Modular Hybrid Cooler is the world’s first intelligent, plug-and-play, modular hybrid fluid cooling system for HVAC and light industrial applications. Shattering what you know about traditional hybrid fluid coolers, it can automatically optimize water and energy savings while delivering the lowest installation costs, lowest operating costs, maximum uptime, lowest maintenance costs, and best water quality in a simplified, compact, and lightweight design.

  • Thermal Capacity: 19 - 180 tons1
  • Hybrid // Modular // EC Fan System


HXV Hybrid Cooler

The HXV Hybrid Cooler brings you the best of both evaporative and dry cooling in a water saving and energy-efficient solution. The HXV maintains peak system performance for a variety of applications where water is scarce, water costs are high, uptime is critical, or plume is a concern.

  • Thermal Capacity: Up to 396 tons1
  • Flow Rate: Up to 1,260 USGPM1
  • Hybrid // Crossflow // Axial Fan // Induced Draft


TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Cooler

For demanding cooling applications where energy efficiency is paramount but where water must be used sparingly, BAC offers the TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Cooler. BAC’s innovative, inherently reliable fluid cooler optimizes water and energy efficiency in an easy-to-install package that delivers the lowest ownership costs.

  • Adiabatic // EC Fans // Controls