BAC Parts & Maintenance Guide

MAINTENAN PARTS & MAINTENANCE GUIDE ENERGY SAVINGS RETROFITS REDUCTION IN WATER USAGE DECREASED WATER LEAVING TEMPERATURES INCREASED PERFORMANCE SOUND REDUCTION OPTIONS COMPLETE PART DESCRIPTIONS LARGE PRODUCT PHOTOS MAINTENANCE TIPS TECH TIPS CAUTION TIPS PRODUCT RETROFIT OPPORTUNITIES MAINTENANCE REFERENCE MATERIALS PICTURE INDEX OF PARTS Welcome to the BAC Parts & Maintenance Guide. We are pleased to provide you with a combination of parts, maintenance reference materials, and technical information for use on all your evaporative cooling products. We are committed to keeping all of your equipment running at peak performance through the life of the unit by providing you with energy efficient solutions and the most reliable parts in the industry. this guide contains: FANS & DRIVES / PAGES 2–11 WATER DISTRIBUTION / PAGES 12–17 CONTROLS / PAGES 18–20 RETROFITS / PAGES 21–35 SPOTLIGHTS / 11, 22, 26 ENDURADRIVE™ Fan System Retrofit Kit 11 Energy Saving Retrofits 22 VersaCross® Replacement Fill 26 REFERENCE / 36–52 Maintenance Checklist 36 Recommended Spare Parts 37 Troubleshooting Vibration Cutoff Switches 38–39 Fan Shaft Bearing Maintenance 40 Belt Tensioning and Sheave Alignment 41 Aluminum Fan and Bushing Installation 42 Aluminum and Cast Iron Sheave and Bushing Installation Instructions 43 Fan Assembly Exploded View Drawings 44–46 Motor Orientation 47 Pump Selection 48-49 Water Quality Guidelines 50-51 Gear Drive Shaft Alignment Instructions 52 PICTURE INDEX (PIC DEX) / 53 CAUTION LOOK FOR THESE TIPS THROUGHOUT THE GUIDE: MAINTENANCE PARTS &MAINTENANCE GUIDE F I ND YOUR R EPRESENTATIVE: Visit Baltimore A or Call: 800.896.8497 TECH BAC OFFERS A FULL RANGE OF BAC PARTS FOR ALL EVAPORATIVE COOLING MANUFACTURERS EQUIPMENT. LOOK FOR THIS SYMBOL THROUGHOUT THE GUIDE. PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 1 BAC MAINTENANCE TIP: When installing centrifugal fan wheels on hollow shafts, remember to apply the adhesive under the fan tabs to prevent the fan wheel from slipping on the shaft. Axial Fans › Standard fan is high-efficiency and low sound › Rugged, aluminum construction for corrosion resistance and extended life › For further reduced sound levels, Low Sound Fans, Whisper Quiet Fans, and sound attenuation are available › Factory balanced for easy installation and vibration-free operation › Maintain thermal performance as originally certified by CTI › Most fan kits include bushing and special length bolts AVAILABILITY: Available in sizes from 24” to 156” diameter, 4 blades to 12 blades for economical and quiet operation. Centrifugal Fans › Centrifugal fans have inherently low sound characteristics › Available in multiple materials of construction to meet various operating conditions › Engineered and rated by BAC for optimum performance › Maintain thermal performance as originally certified by CTI › Complete installation kit includes hardware, adhesive, and clamps AVAILABILITY: Available in 15”, 18”, 22”, and 30” diameters for shafts 1-3/16” to 5” in diameter. Fits BAC and other manufacturers’ products. 2 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY FANS &DRIVES BAC CAUTION TIP: Hub clamp bolts should be tightened gradually to a torque of 30 ft/lbs. Tighten bolts evenly around the clamp so that gaps are equal. Shafts › Specially selected tubing materials ensure strength and durability › BAC shafts are precision manufactured for vibration-free operation › Epoxy-coated for corrosion resistance › Journals are ground and polished for an accurate fit and easy bearing and drive component installation › Long keyways for multiple drive combinations › Grooved flats for positive, secure set-screw installation AVAILABILITY: Sizes from 1” to 2-15/16” diameter and 18” to 148” long. Many available with nickel plating or in stainless steel for added corrosion resistance. Whisper Quiet Fans › Ultimate low sound solution › Available for Series 3000, 1500, PT2, FXV, and CXVB units › Reduces sound levels generated from the unit with minimal impact on thermal performance PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 3 FANS & DRIVES FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE: Or Call: 800.896.8497 FANS &DRIVES Automatic Bearing Greaser › Compatible with all BAC bearings and other non BAC bearings › Lithium batteries are standard › Positive displacement pump allows installations up to 20 feet away from bearings when using single and multiple greaser kits › Variable output and user-settable based on number of bearings, size and type of service › Significant labor savings through less maintenance › Multi-Point Automatic Bearing Greasers are now available in 250cc and 500cc › Replacement grease packs and batteries are available from stock 4 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY Don’t forget to order bearing greaser refill packs! Multi-Point Automatic Bearing Greaser Forced Draft – Multiple Bearings per Greaser Bearing Quantity Size of Bearings Multi-Point Greaser Setting 2 1-11/16” or smaller 250cc Multi-point kit 1 Year 4 1-11/16” or smaller 500cc Multi-point kit 6 Month 2 Larger than 1-11/16” 250cc Multi-point kit 500cc Multi-point kit 6 Month 1 Year Induced Draft – Multiple Bearings per Greaser 2 1-11/16” or smaller 250cc Multi-point kit 1 Year 4 1-11/16” or smaller 500cc Multi-point kit 6 Month 2 Larger than 1-11/16” Smaller than 2-15/16” 250cc Multi-point kit 500cc Multi-point kit 6 Month 1 Year 4 Larger than 1-11/16” Smaller than 2-15/16” 250cc Multi-point 500cc Multi-point 3 Month 6 Month 2 2-15/16” 500cc Multi-point 3 Month Single Automatic Bearing Greaser Forced Draft – One Greaser per Bearing Bearing Quantity Size of Bearings Bearing Greaser Setting 1 1-11/16” or smaller 125cc 1 Year 1 Larger than 1-11/16” 125cc 250cc 6 Month 1 Year Induced Draft – One Greaser per Bearing 1 1-11/16” or smaller 125 cc 1 Year 1 Larger than 1-11/16” Smaller than 2-15/16” 125cc 250cc 6 month 1 Year 1 2-15/16” 250cc 3 Month FANS & DRIVES PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 5 Induced Draft Bearings › Rated with a minimum L10 of 80,000 or more operating hours › Industrial grade pillow block castings for extended life › Exclusive BAC slinger/locking collar keeps water off the bearing seals › Double-lip seal to keep moisture from contaminating the grease › Complete installation kit includes all hardware, shims, and instructions AVAILABILITY: Sizes from 1 7/16” to 2 15/16” for all vertical shaft cooling tower applications. Forced Draft Bearings › Rated for an average life of 200,000 operating hours › Pre-packed with water resistant grease for easy maintenance › Split sleeve design bearings are available for easy replacement AVAILABILITY: Sizes from 1” to 2 3/16” in flange mount, sleeve, split sleeve, and pillow block ball bearing configurations. BAC MAINTENANCE TIP: If replacing only the top fan shaft bearing on vertical shafts, the locking collar on the bottom fan shaft bearing must be loosened and then retightened after the installation of the new top bearing. This is critical because, by design, the top bearing is intended to handle the thrust load. 6 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY FANS &DRIVES Cast Iron Bushings and Sheaves › Minimum 2.0 service factor › Fine-grain, high-strength cast iron › Factory balanced for smooth operation › Bushing design minimizes fretting corrosion on the shaft, which greatly eases removal when required AVAILABILITY: Bushing styles for all standard drive components from 1” to 2 15/16” diameter. Cast iron sheaves for all drive combinations, 1 to 8 grooves. Aluminum Sheaves › Designed for use with all induced draft cooling towers › Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy for operation in the moist cooling tower environment › Less corrosion means less wear on sheave grooves and extended belt life › Available for both driver and driven shafts AVAILABILITY: From 2 groove to 8 groove, 3 3/5” to 50” diameter for all induced draft applications. BAC MAINTENANCE TIP: See bushing torque requirements for Cast Iron and Aluminum Sheaves in the reference section on page 43. Always replace bushings and bearings together to reduce downtime! PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 7 FANS & DRIVES FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE: Or Call: 800.896.8497 Belts and Powerbands › Engineered for evaporative cooling operations › Rated for 150% of unit horsepower › Neoprene, backed with reinforced polyester, specifically designed for extended life AVAILABILITY: Up to 8 grooves and 195” long in A groove, B groove, and cogged configurations. ENDURADRIVE™ Fan System Retrofit Kit › Complete kit with matching motor, VFD, fan, bushing and upgraded 2 beam mechanical support › 90% reduction in maintenance costs › Up to 10% energy reduction vs standard gear drive system › 100% reliability with the elimination of a power transmission system › Industry best 7 year motor warranty and 5 year limited VFD warranty AVAILABILITY: Horsepower ratings from 20 to 125 horsepower with mounting and shaft dimensions to fit the Series 3000 Cooling Tower. 8 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY FANS &DRIVES BAC Gear Systems › Meet AGMA and CTI standards to ensure reliability › Constructed of high-strength cast iron for low sound, vibration-free operation › Gear drives are available for both BAC and other manufacturers’ equipment (exact dimensional fit, no modification required) AVAILABILITY: Horsepower ratings from 7.5 to 100 horsepower with mounting and shaft dimensions to fit virtually any make of cooling tower. Gear Couplings › No need for maintenance or lubrication › Installation is quick and easy, and no special tools are needed › Couplings absorb all types of misalignment caused by shock or vibration › Not affected by dirt or moisture Composite Drive Shafts › Composite shaft ships with 316 SST gear and motor couplings and hardware › Made from high-strength composite material that allows for higher misalignment tolerance › Corrosion resistant › Lightweight, which reduces vibration and extends the life of the shaft BAC TECH TIP: Prior to installing the couplings, it is important to clean the shaft of any lubricants or protective coatings, as well as remove any existing burrs that may damage the coupling. PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 9 FANS & DRIVES FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE: Or Call: 800.896.8497 Premium Efficient Motors › Motors are engineered specifically for the rigors of cooling tower applications › Made of high-grade FC-200 cast iron for maximum cooling and includes additional grounding plug › Permanently sealed bearings never require lubrication and eliminate water contamination to the bearing grease › BAC Premium Efficiency Cooling Tower Duty Motors are covered by a 7 year warranty when the motor space heater is wired according to the motor wiring diagram. › IP55 rating for greater protection from water and particulate contaminants Bearings – Permanently sealed and lubricated bearings provide maintenance free long life. Umbrella Seal – Fits over V-ring slinger to provide protection from water and other contaminants. Conduit Box – Fully gasketed, cast iron conduit box includes drain plugs, lead separator gasket, and internal epoxy coating. Internal Epoxy Coating – Entire interior of the motor is coated with epoxy for maximum moisture/corrosion resistance. Drain Plugs – Located every 90 degrees and on the face of each endshield. They are easy to open and accommodate all mounting configurations. THE ENDURADRIVETM FAN SYSTEM RETROFIT KIT Includes Factory Authorized Start Up 10 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY FANS &DRIVES Baltimore Aircoil Company’s ENDURADRIVE™ Fan System is the most durable engineered solution for your Series 3000 Cooling Tower! BAC’s new ENDURADRIVE™ Fan System retrofit kit gives you: 9 100% reliability on transmission components versus a traditional gear drive system 9 90% reduction in maintenance costs 9 All while providing you the opportunity to increase your energy savings by 10% Please contact your local Representative for more information at or by calling 410.799.6200. This system is available for retrofit on Series 3000 units manufactured between 1991 through today! includes KIT THE ENDURADRIVETM FAN SYSTEM RETROFIT KIT Includes Factory Authorized Start Up MOTOR AND MATCHING VFD FAN AND BUSHING NEW 2-BEAM ENDURADRIVE ME SUPPORT WITH MOTOR BASE SPOTLIGHT PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 11 Spray Branches › Constructed of corrosion resistant PVC › Grommeted construction allows spray branches and nozzles to be easily removed Water Distribution Nozzles › BAC 360™ Spray Nozzle, A, AA, and Pyramid Nozzles are grommeted for easy inspection and removal › XF nozzles are gravity flow and can easily be inspected and replaced while unit is in operation › Kits are available to install 360™ Spray Nozzles in other manufacturers coil products › Patented design for pressurized or gravity-feed systems guarantees optimum thermal performance › Large orifice means non-clogging performance for effective wetting of the heat-transfer surface › Multiple sizes are available to accommodate all system flow rates AVAILABILITY: 1/4” through 1 1/8” orifice for properly metered flow. A or AA Counterflow Nozzle used on open cooling towers BAC 360™ Spray Nozzle used on closed circuit cooling towers and evaporative condensers XF Crossflow Nozzle used on open cooling towers BAC MAINTENANCE TIP: Always check spray nozzles when inspecting evaporative cooling equipment as poor spray patterns will negatively effect unit performance. BAC’s Pyramid nozzles are used in IPC, IMT, and other manufacturers’ field erected units 12 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY WATER DISTRIBUTION Spray Pumps › Cast iron, bronze-fitted construction with mechanical seal means pumps are industrial quality for a long, trouble-free life › Impeller and trims have been selected for difficult high-flow, low-head requirements, assuring complete coil wetting to reduce scale and provide maximum thermal capacity › Supplied with vented seal housing to prevent air binding and to provide a sump bleed connection › Mechanical seal is constructed with a carbon rotating element and a ceramic stationary element with stainless steel hardware for a long, leak-free life AVAILABILITY: High efficiency, high flow/low head pumps 1/3 through 10 horsepower and 1 1/2” through 4” discharge. Pump Seal Kits › Replacement TEFC pump motors are designed for outdoor application › Complete seal kits available from stock › Shaft sleeves are available for pumps 1.5 hp and larger BAC TECH TIP: The pump is supplied with a bleed line and valve connected to the seal vent. This valve can be set to provide the proper bleed rate to minimize impurities in the basin water. Even if the basin bleed is accomplished by other methods, always leave the valve slightly cracked to prevent air binding in the pump. PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 13 FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE: Or Call: 800.896.8497 WATER DISTRIBUTION Float Valves › Rubber seal disc assures a positive shut-off to prevent water waste › Reliable stainless steel linkage in all kits AVAILABILITY: 1/2” to 2” valves for all applications. Float Balls › Heavy-duty polypropylene construction resists cracking › Foam-filled for structural rigidity and additional buoyancy › Available in many sizes and configurations to ensure positive shutoff AVAILABILITY: 4 1/2” to 8” diameter and 10” pancake style for all applications. BAC CAUTION TIP: Many commercially available float balls are hollow with no foam filling and are not suitable for the rigors of evaporative cooling equipment. While operating, the inside of your equipment can resemble a hurricane with high winds and extreme temperature swings. Without the added structural rigidity from the foam filling, the float ball may easily crack, allowing the float to fill with water, which will cause the system to run improperly. Do not exceed 50 psi inlet water pressure to the float valve. BAC TECH TIP: Upon start-up, fill the tower to approximately 1/2” below the overflow level before starting the unit. This will provide enough water to fill the rest of the system without draining the tower on start-up. After the system is running, adjust the water level as shown in your Operation and Maintenance Manual. Monitor the operating level for the first 24 hours of operation to make sure it is set properly. PVC Float Valve Brass Float Valve 14 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY WATER DISTRIBUTION 14 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY Electric Water Level Control › Universal mounting system fits any tower › Completely sealed and waterproof › Located inside the tower so no heat tracing is required › 6 second time delay prevents short-cycling › Plastic sheath on probes and stilling chamber prevents false-cycling › Requires 110 volt solenoid valve for operation › Equipped with trouble shooting LED to diagnose water and probe conditions AVAILABILITY: 3-probe through 6-probe models for on/off, low water cut-out, low water alarm, high water cut-out, and/or high water alarm. Solenoid Valves › Forged brass body for durability and high-pressure applications › Watertight electrical enclosure for outdoor use › Slow-closing feature minimizes water-hammer on shut-off › Valves are sized for a water pressure between 15 and 50 psig at the valve inlet AVAILABILITY: 3/8” to 2” with 110 volt normally closed holding coil. BAC TECH TIP: LED error codes can be found in the Universal Electric Water Level Control Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual on BAC’s website, PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 15 FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE: Or Call: 800.896.8497 WATER DISTRIBUTION Inlet Strainers › Single point inlet provides automatic flow-balancing to both hot water basins › Inlet strainer protects water distribution nozzles from debris, eliminating the need for a separate system strainer › Large free-area inlet strainer minimizes pumping head › Inlet strainer is easy to remove and clean Series 3000 Cooling Towers built in 1991 through 2007 were equipped with inlet strainers located in the BALANCE CLEAN® Chamber. The BALANCE CLEAN® Chamber provides a single-point piping connection and automatically balances the flow to both hot water basins. Contact your local BAC Representative for replacement inlet strainers and options, such as winter operation bleed down valves, that prevent freeze-up when the tower is shut down. Suction Strainers › 3/16” strainer perforations help keep the system clean › Strainer perforations are spaced to provide maximum strainer free area for low pump suction losses › Anti-cavitation design prevents air from reaching the system pump BAC offers many styles of suction strainers and suction hoods for just about any application. Proper strainer design is critical to the total system operation. It provides protection for the pump and keeps debris out of the condenser water loop. BAC strainers are designed to offer optimum system protection while still providing a full 50% free area to allow efficient system pump operation. Also important, the anti-cavitation design is built into all BAC strainers. This keeps air from entering the piping that would cause pump cavitation. Inlet strainer inspection for Series 1500 Inlet strainer inspection for Series 3000 16 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY WATER DISTRIBUTION Combined Inlet Shields › Available for the Series 3000E, Series 1500E, PT2, PF2, PFi, PC2, PCC, FXV, FXV3, CXVT and CXVB units › Prevent algae growth in the cold water basin › Eliminate water splash out › Prevent debris from entering the cold water basin › Inlet shield is easy to remove and clean › Separate from the fill and removable to allow easy access for inspection of the air/water interface at the air inlet side of the equipment › Also available on the FXV and CXVB for installation above the spray distribution system Air Intake Louvers › Wide spaced louvers reduce the potential for scale build-up and damaging ice formations at the air/water interface by providing an easy visual inspection from the outside of the unit into the fill › Standard air intake louvers are constructed of corrosion and UV-resistant fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) › Galvanized and stainless steel are available PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 17 FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE: Or Call: 800.896.8497 WATER DISTRIBUTION Basin Heaters › UL and CSA rated › Durable copper heating elements for long life › 2” MPT connection is easy to retrofit into any cooling tower AVAILABILITY: 2 – 24 kW ratings, 50 watts/in2 watt density 200, 230, 460, and 575 volt. BAC stocks a complete line of immersion heaters to prevent cold water basin freeze-up during winter weather. These heaters are selected for cooling tower duty and are constructed with copper heating elements rated at 50 watt/in2 with a 2” MPT brass connection and conduit box rated NEMA 4. Heaters are suitable for use in all makes of evaporative cooling equipment. Basin Heater Controls › UL and CSA rated › BAC thermostats and low water cutouts are designed to ensure long life and proper operation › Individual components or complete kits available › Standard heater control panel consists of: – Single probe to sense both water temperature and water level – Contactor(s) – 24 Volt control circuit transformer – NEMA 4 Enclosure – UL Listed 18 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY CONTROLS Float Switch › Single-pole, double throw, liquid level float switch › Designed to maintain a liquid level in the cold water basin › When liquid level rises above or falls below a certain point, the switch will close one circuit and open a second Mechanical Vibration Cutout Switch Electronic Vibration Cutout Switch Vibration Cutout Switches › Protect your tower from damage resulting from excessive vibration › Mechanical or electronic switches are available with multiple options for alarms and reset › Electronic switches are compatible with building management systems BAC MAINTENANCE TIP: Test vibration switches during seasonal start-ups to ensure proper operation. See pages 38 & 39 in the Reference Section for Basic Operation and Troubleshooting of the Vibration Cutout Switches or contact your local BAC Representative for more information. PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 19 FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE: Or Call: 800.896.8497 CONTROLS › VFD Only: Includes a single VFD in a weather-resistant enclosure sized to control all fan motors on the unit › Total Controls Package: Includes the VFD Only PLUS sequencing and accessory contactors Benefits of BAC Refrigeration Controls: › Controls specifically designed for industrial refrigeration applications › Single point wiring (optional) › UL/cUL listed › All panel enclosures are NEMA 3R as standard › Easy installation › Total controls package [1]Communication Protocols limited to Modbus, Lonworks, Johnson N2, BACNet, and Siemens APOGEE. Fan Starter(s) Spray Pump Starter Basin Heater(s) Vibration Cutout Switch Interface(s) Electric Water Level Control Contactor(s) Communication Card[1] Sequencing Logic Weather-Resistant Enclosure Start-Up (Option) Pressure Controller 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 VFD VFD OPTIONAL OPTIONAL VFD ONLY TOTAL CONTROLS PACKAGE Modbus-standard Modbus-standard CONTROLS BAC Refrigeration Controls 20 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY Performance › Increase performance and efficiency › Restore lost performance Ease of Maintenance › Safety and access items › Serviceability upgrades Operational Items › Capacity control and redundancy › Controls Sound › Reduced sound levels Retrofit and Rejuvenate Your Equipment BAC offers a variety of retrofit kits and accessories to rejuvenate or maximize the performance of your evaporative cooling equipment. Whether your unit appears to be on its last leg or brand new, BAC parts and retrofit kits are available to bring it back to life or add features to meet the needs of your projects. RETROFITS [1]Communication Protocols limited to Modbus, Lonworks, Johnson N2, BACNet, and Siemens APOGEE. PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 21 ENERGY SAVING RETROFITS 22 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY Retrofit Opportunities Water Distribution Mechanical Drive Components Fill BAC VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) 1 2 3 4 A 2°F Decrease in Leaving Water Temperature Saves 6% in Electricity Costs On average the HVAC system uses 25% of a building’s electricity. The slightest increase in cooling tower leaving water temperature will result in significantly higher energy costs.1 Annual Cooling Tower Efficiency Savings2 $5,306 $10,612 $15,918 1˚F 2˚F 3˚F Cooling Tower Leaving Water Temperature Decrease › Note 1: U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) › Note 2: Savings are based on the energy costs for a 500 ton centrifugal chiller, 0.68 kW/ton chiller efficiency at full load, $0.12/kWh energy cost, $25/kW per month, 80% ratchet demand charge, and 2,000 equivalent full load hours of operation. SPOTLIGHT ENERGY SAVING RETROFITS Replace Nozzles Broken or clogged nozzles cause uneven water distribution over the fill, scale build-up, and decreased capacity. Upgrade or Replace Drive Components For increased building heat loads, BAC’s drive upgrade kits will increase the capacity of your cooling tower. To maintain the peak performance of your cooling tower, replace your motors, drive sheaves, drive bushings and belts with BAC Factory Authorized Parts. Install New Fill Replace scaled or clogged fill with BAC’s replacement fill kits that are designed with state-of-the-art fill technology to restore or increase the capacity of your cooling tower. Install a VFD Adding a Variable Frequency Drive will provide a more efficient method of operating your cooling tower while extending the life of the motor and mechanical drive system. Contact your local BAC Representative for a free unit inspection and consultation on Energy Saving Retrofits. 1 2 3 4 2% to 3% Energy Savings 3% to 7% Energy Savings 7% to 10% Energy Savings 30% to 40% Energy Savings 1o F Decrease in Leaving Water Temperature 1-2o F Decrease in Leaving Water Temperature 2o F Decrease in Leaving Water Temperature Pay Back Period: Less Than 1 Year Pay Back Period: Less Than 1 Year Pay Back Period: Less Than 1 Year Pay Back Period: 2-3 Years PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 23 SPOTLIGHT BACross® Replacement Fill Kits For FXT, Series 1500, Series 3000, FXV, FXV3, CXV and CXVB › Maintains thermal performance as originally certified by CTI › Available in standard PVC for normal temperature applications or CPVC for high temperature applications VersaCross® Replacement Fill Kits › Outstanding thermal performance will meet or exceed the performance of any OEM fill › Fits most crossflow towers › Quick and easy field installation saves labor › Nested shipment requires smallest fill staging area and low shipping costs › Model-specific kits contain everything needed for an efficient installation, including detailed instructions, supports, hardware, and fill › 2-week standard lead time BAC TECH TIP: Block fill is not recommended for use in BAC’s crossflow cooling products and may decrease the thermal capacity of the unit by 10%. 24 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY RETROFITS PROJECT SPOTLIGHT BACount® Replacement Fill Kits For Series V Counterflow products › Maintains the thermal performance as originally certified by CTI › Single-source responsibility, providing quality materials and a guaranteed fit › Available in standard PVC or CPVC for high temperature applications › Maintains 3/4” spacing to minimize fouling BAC Pak™ Replacement Fill Kits For PT2 Counterflow products › For use in counterflow and induced draft counterflow cooling towers › Pre-engineered kits to fit specific counterflow, and induced draft counterflow cooling towers › Easy to install › All hardware and supports included › Available in standard PVC or HPVC for high temperature applications BAC MAINTENANCE TIP: Maintain or increase thermal capacity in all BAC counterflow cooling towers with BACount® Fill Kits. They offer the same efficient heat transfer surface as currently supplied in new BAC towers, in an easy-to-install bundled configuration. PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 25 RETROFITS VersaCross® Replacement Fill improves thermal performance of the original fill by an average of 7.3% and 10% on other Manufacturers’ block fill. Customer Benefits › Only replacement hanging fill on the market › Designed to meet or exceed original performance specifications › Lower shipping costs versus block fill › Nested shipments require smaller staging areas › Fill fits in most Class A freight elevators › Shorter lead time than block fill Integrated Custom Features › Includes integral louvers and drift eliminators to eliminate splashout and drift › Formed from 15 mil self-extinguishing PVC › Fits most BAC crossflow towers › Suitable for maximum entering water temperature of 130˚F Custom Installation Kit s Hanging PVC VersaCross® Fill s Fill hangers and supports s Detailed instructions s Complete Hardware 26 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY VERSACROSS® REPLACEMENT FILL SPOTLIGHT Internal and External Service Platforms, Catwalks, and Walkways › OSHA compliant › Simplify maintenance › Available in complete engineered kits › Keep feet dry › External service platforms allow for easy access to hot water basins or spray distribution systems › Internal walkways and internal platforms and ladders provide easy access to drive components BAC MAINTENANCE TIP: Newer unit designs do not require routine maintenance on the fan deck. Louver face platforms allow easy access and inspection of the water distribution area while the unit is in operation. VERSACROSS® REPLACEMENT FILL PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 27 FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE: Or Call: 800.896.8497 FANS & DRIVES RETROFITS FANS & DRIVES RETROFITS BAC MAINTENANCE TIP: Ladders and handrails are available for access to the top of the equipment. If the end-user elects to use this alternative, the addition to the installation will make routine maintenance easier, and improve overall performance and unit life expectancy. All BAC safety and access retrofit packages meet OSHA requirements. Pre-assembled Platforms › OSHA compliant › Increases the ease of maintenance › Available on Series 3000, Series 1500, PC2, PT2, FXV, FXV3, PF2, CXVB, CXVT and VCA models › Ships in modules for quick and easy installation › Three configurations available for the VCA (flush, offset, and full perimeter) 28 B A LT I M ORE A I R C O IL CO M P ANY RETROFITS Add Redundancy and Capacity Control › ENERGY-MISER®/BALTIGUARD™ Fan System maximizes up-time › Saves energy › Maintains required performance for approximately 85% of the year, using only 1/3 of the full-load HP › Utilizes standard, cooling tower duty motors for easy replacement: no need for two-speed or special motors required Redundancy – A simple solution to add redundancy is the ENERGY-MISER®/BALTIGUARD™ Fan System. This option adds a second fan motor to the drive system. This second motor is usually sized at approximately 1/3 of the main motor horsepower. This allows the smaller motor to operate around 85% of the year, while the larger main motor is only required on the hottest of days. Unlike a twospeed motor, this causes less wear and tear on the fan motors and provides redundancy in case of a motor failure. In addition, the single-speed motors are available “off the shelf” from BAC. Capacity Control – The ENERGY-MISER®/BALTIGUARD™Fan System also provides capacity control similar to a two-speed motor. Another capacity control option is adding a VFD to control the motor speed. If you are thinking of converting to a VFD system, BAC can supply the VFD and a fan motor built for that application; see page 20. BAC TECH TIP: The ENERGY-MISER®/BALTIGUARD™ Fan System utilizes the control and switch-gear of a two-speed, two-winding motor while providing the security and economy of a redundant motor. You always have a motor, even if one motor fails. PARTS & MAINTENAN C E G UIDE 29 FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE: Or Call: 800.896.8497 FANS & DRIVES RETROFITS FANS & DRIVES RETROFITS Aluminum Sheave and Bushing Kits › Complete with bushing and special bushing bolts › Special torque requirements and installation techniques included with kit instructions › Corrosion resistant aluminum allows for operation in the moist cooling tower environment › Available exclusively from BAC › Designed for the specific power transmission required by the motor and fan application Aluminum Fan and Bushing Kits › Complete with bushing and special bushing bolts › Special torque requirements and installation techniques included wi

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