Baltimore Aircoil Company’s Vertex® Evaporative Condenser Now Has Enhanced Controls for EC Fan System Models

DECEMBER 01, 2023

Baltimore Aircoil Company’s Vertex® Evaporative Condenser Now Has Enhanced Controls for EC Fan System Models

Baltimore, MD (December 01, 2023) -

Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) announces enhancements to the Vertex® Evaporative Condenser, where peak reliability meets easy maintenance. For models with the EC Fan System, enhanced controls are now available including a user interface and integral pump control which maximizes uptime and reliability.

“In 2018, when we launched the Vertex evaporative condenser, we began our innovation process by seeking to understand what our customers really need and want from us. After that launch, we continued to listen. We heard you wanted more ways to control the unit and we delivered.” said Steve Jaczun, Refrigeration Business Leader.

Vertex evaporative condenser models with the direct-drive EC Fan System maximize reliability and uptime and reduce operating costs while requiring no regular maintenance. These EC Fan System models now have enhanced controls. Included is a user interface with remote connectivity and control which provides enhanced reliability with Modbus and BACnet connectivity. Field installation is simplified with single-point wiring for the EC Fan System and spray water pump. There is also remote unit alarm and status monitoring to ensure the equipment is operating as expected, resulting in maximum uptime.

In addition to the new controls, the Vertex evaporative condenser offers easy and safe access to the unit through a large access door that accommodates a 6’5”-tall person as well as a sturdy step and safety handle. Technicians’ feet stay dry while inspecting the low-volume basin from the internal walkway. Inspection of nozzles is fast and easy with optional pre-assembled platforms at an ergonomic working height.

The Vertex evaporative condenser reduces installation costs by aligning the upper section to the lower section in less than 15 minutes per cell, due to the industrial-grade rigidity of the unit. A unique basin design reduces water volume by up to 30 percent vs. traditional forced draft axial fan condensers, saving on water and chemical costs. This helps reduce the operating weight by an average of 16 percent.

With redundancy inherent in the overall design of the unit – including fans, motors, and pumps – customers will enjoy peace of mind.

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