Add Redundancy and Capacity Control

Add Redundancy and Capacity Control

  • ENERGY-MISER®/BALTIGUARD™ Fan System maximizes up-time
  • Saves energy
  • Maintains required performance for approximately 85% of the year, using only 1/3 of the full-load HP
  • Utilizes standard, cooling tower duty motors for easy replacement: no need for two-speed or special motors required

Redundancy: A simple solution to add redundancy is the ENERGY-MISER®/BALTIGUARD™ Fan System. This option adds a second fan motor to the drive system. This second motor is usually sized at approximately 1/3 of the main motor horsepower. This allows the smaller motor to operate around 85% of the year, while the larger main motor is only required on the hottest of days. Unlike a two-speed motor, this causes less wear and tear on the fan motors and provides redundancy in case of a motor failure. In addition, the single-speed motors are available “off the shelf” from BAC.

Capacity Control: The ENERGY-MISER®/BALTIGUARD™ Fan System also provides capacity control similar to a two-speed motor.

Tech Tip: The ENERGY-MISER®/BALTIGUARD™ Fan System utilizes the control and switch-gear of a two-speed, two-winding motor while providing the security and economy of a redundant motor. You always have a motor, even if one motor fails.



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